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Moeen Farrokhi

Portrait of Moeen Farrokhi

Moeen Farrokhi

Moeen Farrokhi (1989, Qazvin, Iran) is a writer, translator, and podcaster. His books include the short story collection The Pure Snow (Cheshmeh Publication House, 2016) and the long essay A Supposedly Nonpolitical Narration of a Political Event: Iran’s Election 2017 (Cheshmeh Publication House, 2018)....
He was translation editor at literary magazines such as Dastan and Revayat and editor of the “Narrative Essays” series at Atraf Publication. He has translated several books into Persian, most notably essays and stories by David Foster Wallace. His latest translation, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, will be published in 2023. His nonfiction, fiction, and translations have appeared in numerous journals. He currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. 
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Articles by Moeen Farrokhi

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