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B. J. Woodstein

Portrait of B. J. Woodstein

B. J. Woodstein

B. J. Woodstein is a Swedish-to-English translator, writer, editor, lactation consultant, and doula, as well as an associate professor in literature and translation at the University of East Anglia in England. Her most recent books are We’re Here! A Practical Guide to Becoming an LGBTQ+ Parent and The Portrayal of Breastfeeding in Literature, as well as the translation of Summer of Diving by Sara Stridsberg, with illustrations by Sara Lundberg, and The Book That Did Not Want to be Read by David Sundin, with illustrations by Alexis Holmqvist. She lives with her wife and their daughters in Norwich, England. 

Articles by B. J. Woodstein

A herd of reindeer attached to a sled at sunset
Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash
Polar Fire
By Moa Backe Åstot
Are there homosexual reindeer herders?
Translated from Swedish by B. J. Woodstein
Queerying Translation
By B. J. Woodstein
There are feminist or postcolonial translation strategies so why not queer ones, too?
Stealth Methods: Teaching Translation
By B. J. Woodstein
I admit it: I’m sneaky when it comes to international literature. I try to sneak translated texts and even just the awareness of language and translation into all of my classes. And why not? Literature…
It’s Not a Crime: Reading and Analyzing Translated Thrillers
By B. J. Woodstein
Crime fiction is a popular and pleasurable genre, but it’s also an educational one, especially if you read translated crime fiction. In my role as the schools and libraries liaison for the British…