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Anne Posten

Portrait of translator Anne Posten

Anne Posten

Anne Posten translates prose, poetry, and drama from German. The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, her translations of authors such as Carl Seelig, Thomas Brasch, Tankred Dorst, and Paul Scheerbart have appeared with New Directions, Christine Burgin/The University of Chicago, n+1VICE, and Modern Poetry in Translation, among others. She lives and works in Berlin.

Articles by Anne Posten

Pas de Deux
By Libuše Moníková
Being with you is like being on an island, a quarantine island.
Translated from German by Anne Posten
From “Staying Gone”
By Ulrike Ulrich
She wonders why she’s doing this to herself. Is it supposed to be some kind of test?
Translated from German by Anne Posten
Fish Television
By Peter Weber
I was clouds transforming, a sinking billow.
Translated from German by Anne Posten
Found on the Tracks: European Writing on Train Travel
By Anne Posten
Trains . . . unite many dichotomies: the exotic and the banal, freedom and luxury, nostalgia and modernity, the possible and the real.
Zürich Meets New York: Max Frisch at Deutsches Haus
By Anne Posten
Max Frisch is a figure so seminal that he’s ironically also easy to miss: Frisch’s Homo Faber is the first full novel I ever read in German (in a 200-level undergraduate class) and, as unfortunately…
By Andreas Eschbach
No one seriously considered the idea that the world’s oil deposits might be limited.
Translated from German by Anne Posten