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Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro

A portrait of Cuban author Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro

Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro

Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro (Santa Clara, 1973) is an award-winning Cuban fantasy writer and essayist....

She is the author of the story collection Nothing to Declare (Casa Editora Abril, 2007), and her writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Secrets of the Future (Thirst for Beauty, 2005), Chronicles of Tomorrow: 50 Years of Science Fiction in Cuba (Ediciones Letras Cubana, 2009), Time Zero (Casa Editora Abril, 2011), The Apex Book of World Science Fiction II (Lavie Tidhar, 2009), Progression Therapy and Other Stories ( digital edition, 2012), and Dreaming in Vrindavan and Other Stories By Women (La Pereza Ediciones, 2014). Her stories, articles, and essays appear on several international websites and in e-zines and print publications from Spain, Argentina, Israel, the United States, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. She is a founding member of the Espiral fantasy writing workshop, and is active as a promoter and organizer of fantasy events and festivals. In 2013, she moved to Miami, Florida, with her husband and daughter, where she studies graphic design at the South Florida Institute of Technology.

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