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Alta L. Price

Portrait of translator Alta L. Price
Photo credit: Donnelly Marks

Alta L. Price

Alta L. Price runs a publishing consultancy specialized in literature and nonfiction texts on art, architecture, design, and culture. Recipient of the Gutekunst Prize, Alta’s translations from German and Italian have appeared on BBC Radio 4, Trafika Europe, Specimen, and elsewhere. Alta’s translation of Juli Zeh’s novel New Year (World Editions, 2021) was a finalist for the PEN America Translation Prize as well as the Helen & Kurt Wolff Prize. Alta’s translation of Mithu Sanyal’s debut novel Identitti was released in the US by Astra House this summer, and is forthcoming in the UK and Europe this autumn from V&Q Books.

Articles by Alta L. Price

“A Scream That Can No Longer Be Held In”: Translating Rahma Nur’s “Linguistic Threads”
By Candice Whitney, Alta L. Price & Barbara Ofosu-Somuah
Linguistic threads. IV lines and blood cells. Oppressive silencing. There is a viscerality that emerges when sitting with Rahma Nur’s poem “Fili Linguistici.” In describing her experience as…
Linguistic Threads, translated by Alta L. Price
By Rahma Nur
Afro-Italian poet Rahma Nur describes her experience as a member of a diaspora living in Italy, noting how language marks the body and how it shapes one’s sense of loss.As you make headwaybetween…
Translated from Italian by Alta L. Price
Portrait of writer Angelo Cannavacciuolo
The City and the Writer: In Naples with Angelo Cannavacciuolo
By Nathalie Handal
Naples is the city of a hundred cities, of a hundred satellites all orbiting the unique, massive planet that is memory.
Translated by Alta L. Price
Women Translating the Classics: An Interview with Emily Wilson, Sholeh Wolpé, and Arshia Sattar
By Alta L. Price
Translator and cofounder of the Women in Translation tumblr Alta L. Price spoke with three women translators of classical literature—Emily Wilson (Homer’s The Odyssey), Sholeh Wolpé…
There Is No Map: The New Italian(s)
By Alta L. Price
Who is Italian, what is the Italian language, and who deserves to write in it?