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Six Proposals for Participation in a Conversation about Bread
By Rasha Abbas
“That’s what we get for supporting Communism: standing in line for this black loaf.”
Translated from Arabic by Alice Guthrie
Just Dinner, but Oh, What a Feast
By Rohan Kamicheril
Though food may fail to broker communication, this is often one of its major supposed roles.
Kari Disan
By Ananda Devi
Soft, thick, hard, slippery, sour, fresh, raw, cooked: it was a journey into the shadows of flavor.
Translated from French by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Large cuts of meat roast on a grill
Photo by Deby Rodriguez on Unsplash
The Art and Horror of the Argentine Asado
By Mariana Enríquez
Mariana Enríquez considers Argentina’s national food—the asado—and its political implications.
Translated from Spanish by Megan McDowell
Instructions for Eating Granny Ora’s Kibbeh
By Moshe Sakal
Israeli cuisine is a mystery, a black hole, a utopia.
Translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen