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The book covers of At the Edge of the Woods, When Women Kill, People from Bloomington, Let Us Believe...
The Watchlist: April 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends noteworthy new books translated from Ukrainian, Indonesian, Persian, Japanese, and Spanish.
Interiors and Interpretations: New Writing from Indonesia
By Susan Harris
The authors here represent a range of genres and topics in settings extending from distant planets to the very center of the earth.
By Nirwan Dewanto
When I realize that I am only writing in a national language, it is precisely geography that adds to its meaning.
Translated from Indonesian by George A. Fowler
The Biography of a Newborn Baby
By Raudal Tanjung Banua
But what did a baby have to show for its life?
Translated from Indonesian by Harry Aveling
The Prayer of the Flame that Sparked the Forest Fire
By M Aan Mansyur
Tell the sad stories to the sky.
Translated from Indonesian by John H. McGlynn
Myth and History: Writing from Indonesia
By John H. McGlynn
In October of this year, Indonesia will make its appearance as the guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair—the first country from Southeast Asia to be so honored.
The Wild Cherry Tree
By Linda Christanty
When I was still in primary school, most of my time was spent up in that wild cherry tree.
Translated from Indonesian by Debra Yatim
By Hasif Amini
Poetry is a pen that is dreaming.
Translated from Indonesian by Marjie Suanda
The Crow
By Zen Hae
But what caught most of his attention was the man’s wings.
Translated from Indonesian by Marjie Suanda
writing you
By Taufik Ikram Jamil
. . . the letters are reluctant to sound out / voices i knew / voices i memorized
Translated from Indonesian by John H. McGlynn
The Moon and the Magician in the Red Jacket
By Clara Ng
How could anyone survive on a primary teacher’s pension?
Translated from Indonesian by Pamela Allen
A Tale of Redemption
By Mona Sylviana
So you're hiding a communist, are you?
Translated from Indonesian by Toni Pollard
All for Hindia
By M. Iksaka Banu
I will find a way to get this letter safely to your hands, although it may take a long time.
Translated from Indonesian by Tjandra Kerton
By Acep Zamzam Noor
I heard the singing and dancing / In the village square / Suddenly fall silent.
Translated from Indonesian by John H. McGlynn
By Abidah El Khalieqy
“True. I am a whore. What of it?”
Translated from Indonesian by Joan Suyenaga
Fragile States: Artwork from freeDimensional
By freeDimensional
A visual exploration of the physical and psychological experiences of persecution and forced displacement.