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Cambodian Literature: From Angkor to Year Zero and Beyond
By Sharon May
The ability to read and write, knowledge of a foreign language, even the wearing of eyeglasses, could get one killed.
The Keeper: Oum Sophany
By Laura Jean McKay
Sophany emerged from one of the most brutal regimes in modern history with her husband, her daughter, two sisters, a dress, a diary, and a homemade bathing suit.
The Anarchist
By Soth Polin
I completely ruined my father.
Translated from French by Penny Edwards
By U Sam Oeur
Since we didn’t have soap, lice abounded in our shorts, so we wore them loose-fitting.
Translated from Khmer by Ken McCullough
Journey to Angkor Wat
By Ukñā Suttantaprījā Ind (Oknha Sottanpreychea Oen)
The captain guides the wheel to the debris / to slice clear through, but the steamer sticks fast.
Translated from Khmer by Trent Walker