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The covers of the five books featured in the Watchlist
The Watchlist: September 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends new and exciting books in translation from Sudan, Belgium, Haiti, France, and South Korea.
Juan Manuel’s Shadow
By Robert Marcuse
I follow him everywhere and never lose sight of him; he rarely notices me.
Translated from Spanish by Cristina Lambert
Joyful, Painful, Surreal: Life As a Parent
By Karen M. Phillips
The intensity of the parent-child relationship, with its high emotional stakes, life-and-death responsibility, and inescapable physical proximity, makes for powerful stories.
“Her Entire Existence Was an Emergency”: Human Relationships in Flemish Literature
By Michele Hutchison
Flemish literature at its best is linguistically pyrotechnic, daring, and original.
From “Cinderella”
By Michael Bijnens
She needed the adrenaline to keep her upright.
Translated from Dutch by Brian Doyle
What You’ve Given Up Hoping for Counts Twice as Much, She’d Discovered
By Griet Op de Beeck
In general Kathleen didn’t look at the contents of toilet bowls, but in this case it didn’t take much to notice the colossus.
Translated from Dutch by Michele Hutchison
Plastic Wrap
By Lize Spit
If she can’t see it, if it isn’t in the room, it doesn’t exist.
Translated from Dutch by David Doherty
Forty-four Years Later
By Michaël Olbrechts
I'm going to take you to the interbellum period, to 1936.
Translated by Michele Hutchison
The Queer Issue V: Impressions from a Passing Train
By Rohan Kamicheril
The appeal of the Queer Issue is in seeing that great ambition writ small, in discovering the swarm of details and experience that cohere into the big picture of world writing.
from “My Body Laid Bare”
By Stéphane Lambert
My face was more akin to Florentine portraits of androgynous ephebes than to paintings of ancient heroes.
Translated from French by Paul Curtis Daw
The Ark
By André-Marcel Adamek
Crates of poultry are piling up in my yard, my attic’s an aviary, my cellar writhes with reptiles
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
By Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Let’s not talk about Prague.
Translated from French by John Lambert
Three Fables
By Paul Verhaeghen
She didn't do anything. She just sat. And there it was, then, fully formed.
Translated from Dutch by the author
The East
By Lieve Joris
Zikiya's Rwanda was a mythical, pre-colonial state with customs his ancestors had brought into the mountains along with their herds, where they'd become hopelessly outdated over the years.
Translated from Dutch by Liz Waters
From “Self-Portrait Abroad”
By Jean-Philippe Toussaint
I stepped into the circle and, without thinking, shot . . .
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin