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A row of violins
Photo by Umutcan Günüç on Unsplash
By Verena Rossbacher
He laid the hairs out in front of him on the kitchen table, stretched out straight and flat next to each other like the strings of an instrument.
Translated from German by Anne Posten
Razor Blade Rattle and the Beginnings of Being Tamed
By Ishraga Mustafa
How could they, when these women themselves had been through so much pain?
Translated from Arabic by Sawad Hussain
Beyond Representation: Life Writing by Women in Arabic
By Sawad Hussain & Nariman Youssef
One cannot write about real-life experiences from the place of the “I” without laying claim to a place in the world.
Framing the Story: Six Graphic Narratives
By Susan Harris
These artists capture both words and images to convey narratives individual and collective.
A Seam of Light and Black
By Moussa Kone, Walter Pamminger & Bastian Schneider
The outlooks and the insights need to be revised.
Translated by Verena Aschbacher
By Maja Haderlap
here sentences must disrobe
Translated from German by Tess Lewis
The First Thing I Saw
By Karl-Markus Gauss
The first thing I saw when jolted from sleep was my father throwing books out of the window.
Translated from German by Tess Lewis
By Antonio Fian
The nerve. Everyone cheers for him on the Heldenplatz and then he goes and cuts deals with the Russians.
Translated from German by Tess Lewis
Getting Undressed, Yes, Getting Dressed, Too
By Alois Hotschnig
My Jacob still wants to be a cow.
Translated from German by Tess Lewis
when speech left me
By Maja Haderlap
my swollen tongue twitched / in my dry mouth.
Translated from German by Tess Lewis
The Reverberations of History: Contemporary Austrian Literature
By Tess Lewis
The variety and exuberance of contemporary Austrian writing is little known among English readers.
Eternal Youth
By Robert Menasse
My father was horrified when I told him that I was getting married and that the date and place were already set.
Translated from German by Ross Benjamin
When Chaos Came to Salzburg
By Karl-Markus Gauss
Pentecost, the peaceful holiday, had come, and Salzburg was something akin to a city under a state of emergency.
Translated from German by John K. Cox
The End of Amsterdam’s Hunger Winter
By Robert Menasse
The ape brought us the food, Father said and added, after a pause, and a book.
From “Fever”
By Friedrich Glauser
The only sound to be heard in the little room was the snoring of the landlord interspersed with the quiet tick-tock of the clock on the wall...
Translated from German by Mike Mitchell
From “The Scent of Wheat”
By Zdenka Becker
What kind of part can a writer play in a war? Exactly the same one as during peace.
Translated from German by Eugene Sampson
A Report to an Academy
By Franz Kafka
I feel honored by your invitation to present the academy with a report on my former life as an ape.
Translated from German by Philip Boehm
Viktoria Was Home All Alone
By Martin Auer
And the soil began to move and a beanstalk began to grow out of it. It grew and grew and grew, higher and higher.
Translated from German by John E. Woods
Games on the Banks of the Danube
By Ivan Ivanji
My parents, who had been so inept as to be Jews, were already under arrest by then.
Translated from German by John K. Cox