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WWB in 2023: The Year in Nonfiction

December 2023

The words WWB in 2023: The Year in Nonfiction over a backdrop of a river running through a hilly...

Read some of WWB’s top essays from 2023: a Polish zookeeper’s charming memoir, a Mexican essayist’s deep dive into the relationship between bad smells and populist revolution, a futuristic look at how Indigenous communities are leading the way toward a “collective earth aesthetics,” and more. 

Emiliano Zapata on horseback, scene from the Mexican Revolution
"Emiliano Zapata on horseback, scene from the Mexican Revolution," José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican, 1851–1913), ca. 1911. Public domain. Gift of Jean Charlot, 1930.
Clouds drift above a thick forest
Photo by Chris Ford on Flickr
A river winds through the hilly green countryside in northern Sweden
Photo by Fredrik Posse on Unsplash
Photo of rocks and brush in Fitatimen, Río Negro
Photo: Liliana Ancalao
A zoo sign with three green elephants and a giant yellow arrow pointing the way
"Oliwa Zoo Giant Road Sign March 2010” by Artur Andrzej. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.