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Writing from Mongolia

October 2018

Mongolian literature reflects intersecting lifeways as authors draw on themes of mobility and stasis, space and confinement, isolation and social obligation. Mongolia has a rich philosophical, religious, and political history for literature to draw on as well. Elements of Buddhist dogma, shamanic animism, socialist realism, and avant-garde surrealism commingle in tales of transformation and rebirth.

Nomads at Home
By KG Hutchins
The stories in this collection paint a complicated picture of Mongolia.
By Ölziitögs Luvsandorj
When I bought this aquarium I didn’t realize I was preparing my own casket.
Translated from Mongolian by Sainbayar Gundsambuu & KG Hutchins
By Erdene Seng
“Damn it! What the hell is going on?”
Translated from Mongolian by Kenneth Linden
By Norov Dalkhaa
These were not the eyes of a dog.
Translated from Mongolian by Sainbayar Gundsambuu & KG Hutchins