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Fiction by Norwegian Women

November 2017

Here we present fiction by three Norwegian women writers recognized as masters of the craft, translated and introduced by Kerri Pierce. In different ways, but with equal precision, each story in this feature captures life’s essential experiences.

An Expansion, a Journey, a Knife
By Kerri Pierce
Each of the stories chosen for this feature presents us with characters in the midst of what are to them life-altering situations.
By Gunnhild Øyehaug
Wishes are balloons, Alice said, and death waits with a needle.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
Two reindeer on a rocky ledge with a body of water behind them
Photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash
Journey toward the Island
By Laila Stien
Norway’s Laila Stien tracks a group of Sámi herders guiding their reindeer on the seasonal migration to the north, fighting obstacles both natural and man-made.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
By Merethe Lindstrøm
He was just a face, a hand, and the knife.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce