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Speculative Microfiction from Italy

May 2019

In this collection, originally featured in the May 2019 issue of Words Without Borders and guest edited by Rachel Cordasco, we present speculative microfiction from Italy.

Italian Speculative Microfiction in Translation: Three Writers
By Rachel Cordasco
Speculative fiction is alive and well in Italy.
Translated from Italian
By Simonetta Olivo
He still loves her, so he complies. He runs the simulation all over again.
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb
AIwakening and AIdolon
By Francesco Verso
They’ve taken care of the medical expenses ever since “posthumous” became synonymous with “posthuman.”
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb
Bea’s Egg and Esmeralda in Bloom
By Emanuela Valentini
Inside it floated a tiny infant, in every way like a human being, except for its minuscule, as yet featherless, wings.
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb