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Spotlight on Catalan Writing

March 2022

Núria Guinovart, "Impuls." Mixed on wood, 60 x 100 cm. Sala Parés (art gallery), Barcelona.

Image: Núria Guinovart, “Impuls.” Mixed on wood, 60 x 100 cm. Sala Parés (art gallery), Barcelona.

This month we’re celebrating authors participating in the Catalan Culture Spotlight at the London Book Fair in April. Each week, we’ll publish a new translation of a piece by one of the featured writers. We launch with Irene Solà channeling an overwhelmed widowed mother, and an illuminating interview with the author conducted by Madeleine Feeny. In later weeks, Eva Baltasar finds an idyllic relationship complicated by pregnancy; Marta Orriols observes a drunken woman ride the subway into memory; Sergi Pàmies shows life change shape in an instant; and Borja Bagunyà shadows a guest at the party from hell.

This special issue was made possible in part by a grant from Institut Ramon Llull.

The White Tablecloth
By Irene Solà
Eight years and I’m still not over it.
Translated from Catalan by Mara Faye Lethem
Transcending the Human Viewpoint
By Madeleine Feeny
I allowed myself to be very playful and unafraid, and to try everything.
A hand hovering over a pill organizer filled with multicolored pills
Photo by Laurynas Mereckas on Unsplash
By Eva Baltasar
Having a kid is the same as enrolling in a lifetime plan of suffering.
Translated from Catalan by Julia Sanches