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Writing from Syria

March 2013

We present writing from Syria, as Zakariya Tamer tells tales of djinns and talking walls, Abdelkader al-Hosni reflects on friendship, Golan Haji considers magic and loss, and Lukman Derky mourns a history of war.

A Note on Syrian Poetry Today
By Golan Haji
What is it like to be Syrian today?
In the Doorway of My Friend’s House
By Abdelkader al-Hosni
Come, I’ll show you two silences in the doorway.
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Hacker
By Lukman Derky
They extract tears from our mothers’ dried eyes.
Translated from Arabic by Ali Al-Baghdadi
Autumn Here is Magical and Vast
By Golan Haji
Our dreams remember our dreams.
Translated from Arabic by Stephen Watts
Stories from “The Hedgehog”
By Zakariya Tamer
I asked my best friend, the black stone wall, about the latest news in our house.
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Hacker