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MuXin: An Introduction

July/August 2003

MuXin was the pen name of Sun Pu (1927–2011), a Chinese painter, poet, and writer. WWB published several of his stories and an illuminating, gnomic interview conducted by his translator, Toming Jun Liu. In 2011 New Directions published his first book in English, An Empty Room and Other Stories, in Toming Jun Liu’s translation. MuXin left China for the US in 1982, but returned in 2006, and died in his native Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, in 2011.

An Empty Room
By MuXin
Was there anything else worth seeing? Why was I the only one hiking?
Translated from Chinese by Toming Jun Liu
A Dialogue with MuXin
By Toming Jun Liu
Prose is like a window; fiction is like a door. But it is not uncommon that he who should come in through the door jumps in through the window.
Translated from Chinese by the author
MuXin, 1927–2011
By Susan Harris
Chinese writer and painter MuXin died December 21. MuXin was born in 1927 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, to an wealthy, aristocratic family. His original enthusiasam for Mao Zedong waned as, in the…