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New Bangla Literature

January 2013

With this section on Bangla literature, Anwara Syed Haq’s tinkerer has his hands full with a deathly project, Mashiul Alam follows an Indian citizen to his funeral pyre, and Ahmad Mostafa Kamal watches the banks of an all-consuming river.

By Anwara Syed Haq
The things he could mend! From jewelry to shoe soles, from punctured tires to bent bicycle spokes–he fixed it all.
Translated from Bengali by Shabnam Nadiya
By Ahmad Mostofa Kamal
If fornication was stopped, what pleasure was left in life?
Translated from Bengali by Mahmud Rahman
An Indian Citizen in Our Town
By Mashiul Alam
He can clearly see all of this life of seventy-three years, two months and thirteen days.
Translated from Bengali by Shabnam Nadiya