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International Graphic Novels: Volume XI

February 2017

This month, we enter our second decade of publishing illustrated literature from around the world. From the environment to sexuality to political corruption, the work here tackles pressing themes, crossing national and personal borders to expand our collective social consciousness to global scale. Elettra Stamboulis and Gianluca Costantini map the division of Cyprus. Ilana Zeffren’s sly cats observe their owners negotiate social and sexual normativity. Francisco de la Mora and José Luis Pescador Huerta dispatch a desperate victim of climate change to the UN. Daniel Sixte and Sinzo Aanza reveal local corruption and international exploitation in Congo, while the Trantraal Brothers get the truth about South African township life out of the mouths of babes. Monika Szydłowska’s young Pole pursues the good life elsewhere, and Naz Tansel boards the bus to a microcosm of Turkish society. Guest editor Dominic Davies offers an illuminating introduction. 
Comics and Graphic Narratives: A Global Cultural Commons
By Dominic Davies
Comics themselves have a role to play in the construction of a more globally aware social consciousness.
An Endless Green Line
By Gianluca Costantini & Elettra Stamboulis
Every town had two soccer teams. A right-wing one and a left-wing one.
Translated from Italian by Jamie Richards
By The Trantraal Brothers
© The Trantraal Brothers. By arrangement with the authors. Translation © 2017 by the Trantraal Brothers. All rights reserved.
Translated by the author
Urban Tails
By Ilana Zeffren
Where are they? It’s late.
Translated by the author
By Francisco de la Mora & José Luis Pescador Huerta
You have not yet realized that you are misunderstanding everything.
Translated by Gabriela Mejan
Men and Beasts
By Daniel Sixte & Sinzo Aanza
Listen up—it’s not just General anymore. I’m Marshal General now.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
By Monika Szydłowska
Heniek always wanted to leave.
Translated by Sean Gasper Bye
The Minibus
By Naz Tansel
“What do you want us to do, sit on their heads?”
Translated by Canan Marasligil