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Three Anti-Valentines

February 2011

In a trio of anti-valentines, Kjell Askildsen’s resentful married couple seethe in silence, Guillermo Martinez’s pick-up artist blunders through a dance hall, and Teresa Solana’s elderly women dispatch an abusive son-in-law.

A Stitch in Time
By Teresa Solana
As we were intending to cut him into small chunks, we thought it would be less stressful if he were bandaged.
Translated from Catalan by Peter Bush
Dance at the Marcone
By Guillermo Martínez
The other one gave me that slutty smile older chicks use when they’re trying to pass for teenagers.
Translated from Spanish by Andrea G. Labinger
The Dogs in Thessaloniki
By Kjell Askildsen
Do you remember the dogs in Thessaloniki which were stuck together after they had mated, she said.
Translated from Norwegian by Agnes Scott Langeland