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Short Stories from Panama

August 2018

In this feature, guest edited by Pamela Carmell and Christina Vega-Westhoff, we present new fiction from Panama.

Journey to Panama
By Pamela Carmell & Christina Vega-Westhoff
These stories are cautionary tales whose camera pulls back to reveal the universal quality of their characters’ flaws and missteps.
A Hole of Light at the End of a Tunnel of Trees
By Carlos Oriel Wynter Melo
Love has been a tightrope lately.
Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell
Open Hands
By Cheri Lewis
Behind them were twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty babies.
Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell
Dance with Death
By Melanie Taylor Herrera
In the end, the shooter calls the shots.
Translated from Spanish by Christina Vega-Westhoff