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Dreams of Our Russian Summer

August 2007

On the Use and Abuse of Letherburg for Life
By Alexander Skidan
You will have had no difficulty recognizing the German crib tacked onto Daniil Kharms’s neologism in the title of my remarks.
Translated from Russian by Thomas Campbell
The Beginning
By Anyuta Evseeva
I wake up at eight a.m. On the sixteenth floor every day at eight a.m. Sorokin sneezes.
Translated from Russian by Dinara Georgeoliani & Mark Halperin
By Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
So the seamstress is out, and Mom must save the situation somehow, except here’s the thing: there’s no money.
Translated from Russian by Keith Gessen & Anna Summers
Dark Thoughts
By Regina Derieva
I’m almost like that dark hallway
Translated from Russian by Valzhyna Mort
Unity of Form
By Regina Derieva
People zealously granted me headless nails / and spools without thread.
Translated from Russian by Valzhyna Mort
Pears from Gudauty
By Ludmila Ulitskaya
Mother loved pears that were within an inch of decaying, so that your fingers left indents and, when you bit into them, thick honeyed juice flowed out, summoning every wasp for miles around.
Translated from Russian by Arch Tait
The Conversation of the Hours
By Alexander Vvedensky
I am a hermit.
Translated from Russian by Eugene Ostashevsky
A Drawing Textbook
By Maxim Kantor
The barmaid poured him vodka, and Sergei Ilyich took it up with an accustomed, firm grip that was even elegant in its way.
Translated from Russian by Timothy D. Sergay
The Golem in the Mirror
By Nadezhda Gorlova
I must involuntarily live in a world that the old woman has dragged back from nonexistence.
Translated from Russian by Deborah Hoffman