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Chapters And Verse: Religious Literature, Part II

August 2004

This “new testament” of our two-part summer retreat featuring international literature on religious themes begins with Guido Monte’s multilingual account of Creation. Persian poet Abbas Saffari provides a witty, romantic retelling of the Quranic version of the story of Adam and Eve. Rafi Zabor and translator Angela Jaffray introduce us to Sufi master Ibn ‘Arabi and his mind-expanding “Epistle on Cosmic Unification.”  Adolfo Albertazzi lets loose a mischievous Italian spirit in “The Devil in the Decanter.” Poets from a variety of traditions and languages–Yiddish, Greek Orthodox, and Nahuatl (Aztec)–wrestle, plead, worship, doubt, and glory in the divine. And in an extra-canonical addition to material posted in part one, translator Christi Merrill contributes an essay on Vijay Dan Detha.