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New Armenian Writing by Women

April 2015

In this collection, originally featured in the April 2015 issue of Words Without Borders, we showcase writing from Armenian women, selected and introduced by translator Nairi Hakhverdi, with new fiction from Shushan Avagyan, Ani Asatryan, Anna Davtyan, and Lilit Karapetyan.

New Armenian Writing by Women: An Introduction
By Nairi Hakhverdi
After seventy years of Soviet rule and twenty years of independence, a new generation is finally beginning to emerge.
from A Book, Untitled: Preface, or We As Two Separate Planets
By Shushan Avagyan
Someone will remember the disappeared, and while remembering, will write verses dedicated to them.
Translated from Armenian by Deanna Cachoian-Schanz
Wide Shot
By Anna Davtyan
I tell my grandmother that I have two lovers and want to keep them both.
Translated from Armenian by Nazareth Seferian
I’m Not Going to Die
By Ani Asatryan
The house you’ve drawn has no wings and its tail has been cut off.
Translated from Armenian by Adrineh Der-Boghossian
Before Sunrise
By Lilit Karapetyan
A thinking woman slowly drowns in eternal sorrow in the streets of Kars.
Translated from Armenian by Nairi Hakhverdi