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Xurxo Borrazás

Portrait of Galician writer Xurxo Borrazás

Xurxo Borrazás

Xurxo Borrazás was born in Galicia in 1963. He graduated with a degree in English philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He is the author of novels, stories, essays, and various volumes of miscellanea in the Galician language, some of which have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and English. English publications include Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2014, Asymptote, Your Impossible Voice, Cagibi, Litro, Nashville Review. His novel, Vicious, was published by Small Stations Press in 2015. He has received the Spanish Critics’ Prize for fiction and the Galician Critics’ Prize for nonfiction. He writes regularly in the Galician press about culture, ideology, and politics. It’s hard to describe the place Borrazás holds in Galicia except to say that texts like I Is (1996) completely reshaped concepts of what Galician literature could be, and he is a kind of cult figure in the region, whom countless authors count as a major influence.

Articles by Xurxo Borrazás

Of Children and Sphincters
By Xurxo Borrazás
“I don’t know where to start.”
Translated from Galician by Adrian Minckley & Jacob Rogers