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Will Firth

Portrait of translator Will Firth

Will Firth

Will Firth was born in 1965 in Newcastle, Australia. He studied German and Slavic languages in Canberra, Zagreb, and Moscow. Since 1991 he has lived in Berlin, where he works as a translator of literature and the humanities—from Russian, Macedonian, and all variants of the “language with many names,” aka Serbo-Croatian. From 2005–07 he translated for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Firth is a member of professional associations in Germany (VdÜ) and Britain (Translators Association). His best-received translations of recent years have been Aleksandar Gatalica’s The Great War, Faruk Šehić’s Quiet Flows the Una, Miloš Crnjanski’s A Novel of London, and Robert Perišić’s Our Man in Iraq.

Articles by Will Firth

A black microphone on a stand
Photo by Ilyass SEDDOUG on Unsplash
A Village Fest
By Alisa Ganieva
“It needn’t be me. I mean . . . I . . . I’m not much of an orator.”
Translated from Russian by Will Firth
The Mercedes
By Bekim Sejranović
Bekim Sejranović's From Nowhere to Nowhere, a novel about a young man displaced by the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, is out tomorrow from Sandorf Passage in Will Firth's translation.…
Translated by Will Firth
Search: Porn
By Stefan Bošković
I guzzle the wine and ask him if he likes women now.
Translated from Montenegrin by Will Firth
From the Translator: On Petre Dimovski’s “The Bird on the Balcony”
By Will Firth
Will Firth’s translation of “The Bird on the Balcony” by Petre Dimovski appears in the January 2017 feature, Short Fiction from Macedonia.One of the five stories I decided to translate…
By Rumena Bužarovska
“What a lovely uterus,” he sighed several times.
Translated from Macedonian by Will Firth
Fog and Fire
By Nenad Joldeski
Ravens are colonizing the room.
Translated from Macedonian by Will Firth
The Lighter
By Natali Spasova
She’s still breathing, it’s OK, she thought with relief.
Translated from Macedonian by Will Firth
The Bird on the Balcony
By Petre Dimovski
She left the sky and gently descended to earth.
Translated from Macedonian by Will Firth
Change Is the Only Constant: Writing from Macedonia
By Will Firth
Macedonian literature has a long tradition going back to common Slavic times.
By Dmitri Novoselov
The ex-con took him out to the platform of the car and with one deft movement . . .
Translated from Russian by Will Firth