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Wendell Ricketts

Portrait of translator Wendell Ricketts

Wendell Ricketts

Wendell Ricketts is a translator, writer, and editor. In addition to The Wrong Door: The Complete Plays of Natalia Ginzburg, an early version of which received the PEN American Center Renato Poggioli Prize for translation, he is the translator of Woman Bites Dog: The Mafia’s War on Italian Women Journalists; Twenty Cigarettes in Nasiriyah: A Memoir; Trilobites: The Back to the Past Museum Guide; various Giovannino Guareschi stories in the “Don Camillo” series (Pilot Productions); and, with Giuseppe Iacobaci, La Canzone di Orfeo by David Almond, a finalist in 2019 for both the Mare di Libri Prize and the Orbil Prize for young adult literature.

Articles by Wendell Ricketts

A silver Vespa parked on a cobblestone road
Photo by Enrico Carnemolla on Unsplash
Uncle Andrea
By Antonio Calgan
Hypocrite that I am, I never acknowledged my true self out of cowardice, out of fear of being misunderstood, and, more than anything else, because I thought if they knew what I was, they’d despise me.
Translated from Italian by Wendell Ricketts
The Lost Language of Crane Operators
By Matteo B. Bianchi
Perhaps I’m not ready yet to plan out my entire future, but right now these are the arms I need around me.
Translated from Italian by Wendell Ricketts
By Giancarlo Pastore
I’d never found the plant or flower that could serve as punctuation.
Translated from Italian by Wendell Ricketts