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T. Alias Taib

Portrait of Malaysian poet T. Alias Taib

T. Alias Taib

Tengku Alias Taib was born and raised in Terengganu, a fishermen’s haven on the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, facing towards the South China Sea. He moved to Kuala Lumpur to start his family in 1974 and spent years in a teaching career until his retirement. He developed his passion for poetry in his school days and began writing in the 1960s....

He was known for his attention to form and technique in his poetry.He published several poetry collections throughout his lifetime: Laut Tak Biru Di Seberang Takir (1972), Pemburu Kota (1978), Seberkas Kunci (1985), Opera (1988), Piramid (1990), Petang Condong (1996), and Pasar Pengalaman (2004). He died in 2004.

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