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Susana Sanches Arins

Portrait of Galician writer Susana Sanches Arins
Photo credit: Marga Fraga

Susana Sanches Arins

Susana Sanches Arins is a Galician writer and critic born in Vilagarcía de Arousa in 1974. She has published three collections of poetry, as well as two more recent books that blur the boundaries between poetry and prose. She is one of many authors to have begun to write in what’s called “reintegrationist” Galician, which envisions modern Galician with Portuguese orthography based on the historic kinship of the two languages, and as an act of resistance against the hegemony of Spanish. Seique (2015, loosely translated as Hearsay) has brought her work heaps of praise from readers and critics alike, and was recently expanded for a second edition. In addition, it was translated into Spanish in 2019 and selected by the association of Madrid booksellers as their book of the year, which is not only a rare recognition for an author being translated from Galician, but even more so because reintegrationist writing is largely published by a very small press that rarely gets the attention it deserves even in Galicia.

Articles by Susana Sanches Arins

And They Say
By Susana Sanches Arins
i come from a family built on longing.
Translated from Galician by Kathleen March