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Steinunn G. Helgadóttir

Portrait of writer and visual artist Steinunn G. Helgadóttir

Steinunn G. Helgadóttir

Steinnun G. Helgadóttir is a visual artist and well-known Icelandic poet and prose writer. She received The Jón úr Vör Poetry Prize in 2011 and The Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize 2016 for her novel Voices From the Radio Operator’s House. Helgadóttir’s work has been exhibited at solo and group art exhibitions around the world and she has also curated numerous art exhibitions in several museums and galleries in Iceland.

Articles by Steinunn G. Helgadóttir

April 2021 At Journeys End Iceland Life Jackets Feature
At Journey’s End
By Steinunn G. Helgadóttir
This last shift, the boats came in all night and we ran out of everything.
Translated from Icelandic by Larissa Kyzer