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Scott Shanahan

Portrait of translator Scott Shanahan

Scott Shanahan

Scott Shanahan is a translator of Spanish, Catalan, and Galician. He lives and works in Spain.

Articles by Scott Shanahan

Writing Against Estrangement in Galicia
By Scott Shanahan
No doubt a few Galicians will think it in very bad taste to inaugurate this issue with a likeness to their higher profile southern neighbors, but because there may be a great many glad for the comparison,…
Alberte Merlo’s Horse
By Álvaro Cunqueiro
So began many long months of conversation between Alberte and his horse.
Translated from Galician by Scott Shanahan
On Translating Lies in Borja Bagunyà’s “You’ve Likely Never Been to a Party This Big”
By Scott Shanahan
Scott Shanahan’s translation of Borja Bagunyà’s “You’ve Likely Never Been to a Party This Big” appears in the April 2017 issue: You Will Not Be Born Again: Catalan…
You’ve Likely Never Been to a Party This Big
By Borja Bagunyà
In a house like this you imagined all the stories had happy endings.
Translated from Catalan by Scott Shanahan
God After Ten O’Clock
By Davit Gabunia
The State Security Building: The First Arrest of the Seagull It was maybe three or four o'clock, or maybe sometime in between. Why am I trying to establish an exact time? Curses on the clock that…
Translated from Arabic by Scott Shanahan