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Peppe Fiore

Portrait of Italian writer Peppe Fiore

Peppe Fiore

Peppe Fiore is an author and screenwriter who lives in Rome. He has published five books, L’attesa di un figlio nella vita di un giovane padre, oggi (Coniglio, 2005), Cagnanza e padronanza (Gaffi, 2008), La futura classe dirigente (minimum fax, 2009), Nessuno è indispensabile (Einaudi, 2012), and Dimenticare (Einaudi, 2017). He is a regular contributor to La Lettura and Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno.

As screenwriter and story editor, he has worked on numerous television series, including Non Uccidere, The Young Pope, and Mare Fuori. With the director Francesco Lettieri, he cowrote the movies Ultras (Netflix, 2020) and Lovely Boy (Sky, 2021).

He is the head writer of the TV series starring Luca Zingaretti, Il Re (Sky, 2022).

Articles by Peppe Fiore

Cover for The Shampoo's album In Naples.
Elena Rigby
By Peppe Fiore
The microphones of Radio Antenna Capri are rapt witnesses to a minor page of modern history—even if the chapter of history in question is the saga of the Neapolitan gasconade, not the annals of the pop beat.
Translated from Italian by Antony Shugaar