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Osama Esber


Osama Esber

Osama Esber is a poet, short-story writer, publisher, and translator. He is a member of the editorial board of Fiker [Thought] and director of the publishing house Bidayat [Beginnings]....

Currently, he is the editor of the Arabic section of Tadween Publishing.

His poetry collections include Screens of History (1994); The Accord of Waves (1995); Repeated Sunrise in Exile (2004); and Where He Doesn’t Live (2006). His short- story collections are entitled The Autobiography of Diamonds (1996); A Café for Committing Suicide (2000); and Rhythms of a Different Time (in progress). He has translated works by Richard Ford, Michael Ondaatje, Bertrand Russell, Tony Morrison, Nadine Gordimer, Noam Chomsky, Terry Eagleton, Alan Lightman, Gerda Lerner, and Raymond Carver to name a few. He has also translated into English works by major Arab poets published in prestigious US magazines.

Osama Esber also participated in the activities of the International Writing Program at Iowa University in 1994.

He currently lives in Chicago.

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