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Mohsen Emadi

Iranian/Mexican poet Mohsen Emadi.

Mohsen Emadi

Mohsen Emadi is an Iranian/Mexican poet, translator, programmer, and filmmaker.

He has published the poetry books La flor en los renglones (Lola Editorial, Spain, 2003, trans. by Clara Janés), We never talked about her eyes (Goo Publishing, Iran, 2007), Las leyes de gravedad (Olifante, Spain, 2011, trans.

As a filmmaker, he has directed several poetic documentaries, among which Querido Antonio stands out, on the influence of the Civil War on Antonio Gamoneda’s poetry; La ùnica patria, which contains the last interview of Juan Gelman, and Donde habite el olvido, about Luis Cernuda’s exile in Mexico.

Emadi was an active member of the Iranian Student Protests of July 1999 and, ten years later, of the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, the latter forcing him to leave the country. Consequently, he lived in Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Mexico.

His poetic work has received various awards, such as the International Prize of poesìa de miedo (Casa del Poeta, Trasmoz, Spain, 2010), the FILI Scholarship (Finnish Literature Exchange, Finland, 2010), the IV Antonio Machado International Award (Soria, Spain, 2011), the ICORN Scholarship (International Network of Cities for Refugee Writers, 2012–2015), and the VI Poets of Other Worlds Distinction (International Poetic Fund, 2015).

His tri-lingual website “A Burning Metaphor” is available at

Articles by Mohsen Emadi