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Matteo B. Bianchi

Portrait of Italian writer Matteo-Bianchi
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Matteo B. Bianchi

Matteo B. Bianchi is an Italian writer and editor. His most recent books include Generations of Love (first published in 1995; an expanded edition, Extensions, appeared in 2016); Maria Accanto (2017); and, in 2018, Yoko Ono: Dichiarazioni d’amore per una donna circondata d’odio (Yoko Ono: Declarations of Love for a Woman Surrounded by Hatred)....

With Giorgio Vasta he edited the Dizionario affettivo della lingua italiana (The Italian Language: An Affectionate Dictionary), recently released in an updated edition. He has written for radio and for television, including such programs as Victor Victoria, Quelli che il calcio, and E poi c’è Cattelan, and has edited his own online fiction magazine, ‘tina, for more than twenty years.

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