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Leyla Shukurova

Portrait of writer Leyla Shukurova

Leyla Shukurova

Leyla Shukurova is an Azerbaijani writer, translator, and researcher. Her previous work has been published in Tint Journal (Austria), Turkoslavia (USA), and Nargiz (Azerbaijan). Raised between Siberia and the South Caucasus, she grew up multilingual and at the intersection of cultures and languages....

These days, she likes to say that Azerbaijani is her “singing” language, the one in which she dreams and writes songs, Russian is connected to fiction, and German is there for work and science. Shukurova holds a master of arts in European studies and intercultural communication from Hochschule Fulda, in Germany, as well as a master of arts in media, culture, and communication from New York University.

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