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Laura Brueck

Portrait of translator Laura Brueck
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Laura Brueck

Laura Brueck is associate professor of South Asian literature in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and the Program in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University. She is the author of Writing Resistance: The Rhetorical Imagination of Hindi Dalit Literature (Columbia University Press, 2014) and the translator of Unclaimed Terrain: Stories by Ajay Navaria (Navayana, 2013).

Articles by Laura Brueck

Beyond “Untouchability”: Dalit Literature in Hindi
By Laura Brueck & Christi A. Merrill
Dalit literature represents some of the most meaningful, socially engaged narrative voices in India today.
Our Village
By Mohan Das Namishray
It would be difficult to find a single man whose back had not been scarred by the whip of the thakur or his agents.
Translated from Hindi by Laura Brueck & Christi A. Merrill
By Ajay Navaria
“There must be a misunderstanding.
Translated from Hindi by Laura Brueck