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Karla Gruodis

Portrait of translator Karla Gruodis

Karla Gruodis

Karla Gruodis is a translator, editor, and artist based in Vilnius, where she founded and edited Lithuania’s first English-language newspaper, The Lithuanian Review, in 1990. She is the editor and author of Feminist Excursus: The Concept of Woman from Antiquity to Postmodernism (1995), and was active in the post-Soviet Lithuanian women’s movement. Her translations include Leonidas Donskis’s A Small Map of Experience: Aphorisms and Reflections (Guernica, 2013), Sigitas Parulskis’s Darkness and Company (Peter Owen, 2018), Antanas Škėma’s The White Shroud (Vagabond Voices, 2018), and regular contributions to the online literary journal Vilnius Review. She recently participated in the exhibition M/AG/MA: Body and Words in Italian and Lithuanian Women’s Art from 1965 to the Present at the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica in Rome.

Articles by Karla Gruodis

White Shroud
By Antanas Škėma
“Comments are unnecessary,” the judge interrupts again.
Translated from Lithuanian by Karla Gruodis