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José Luís Peixoto

Portrait of writer José Luís Peixoto
Photo copyright © Patrícia Santos Pinto

José Luís Peixoto

José Luís Peixoto is one of Portugal’s most acclaimed and successful contemporary novelists. He was born in Galveias, Portugal, in 1974. He has a degree in modern languages and literature from the Universidade Nova in Lisbon. His work has been translated into twenty languages....

He has received many honors and prestigious awards, among them the 2001 José Saramago Prize and the 2010 Libro d’Europa Award, and was shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Prize, the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and the Femina Prize. In 2016 his latest novel, Galveias, which has sold over 30,000 copies in Portugal, won the prestigious Prêmio Oceanos (formerly the Portugal Telecom Prize), a Brazilian literary award for work written in Portuguese.

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