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Jeremy Tiang

Portrait of Jeremy Tiang
Copyright © Oliver Rockwell

Jeremy Tiang

Jeremy Tiang has translated novels by Yan Ge, Yeng Pway Ngon, Lo Yi-Chin, Zhang Yueran, Chan Ho-Kei, Li Er, and Geling Yan, among others. He also writes and translates plays. His novel State of Emergency won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2018. He lives in Flushing, Queens. 

Articles by Jeremy Tiang

The Tofu-Maker
By Shen Fuyu
Around the time we were in second grade, Buckethead and I beat a snake to death.
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
Behind the Art: “Addict and Betrayer”
By Hung-Chi Chen
Hung-Chi Chen's “Addict and Betrayer” is the cover art of WWB's June 2021 issue: The Queer Issue XII.Many of my works explore desire, observing the unique attributes…
Translated by Jeremy Tiang
A dark door cracked open to reveal bright red light
Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash
Yun-Fan: Singing the Variety of Queer Life
By Wanning Chen
When I was twenty-three, I met my first girlfriend, who then went off with a man after just four months—and eventually married him.
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
First Read—From “Second Sister”
By Chan Ho-Kei
In Chan Ho-Kei's Second Sister, translated by Jeremy Tiang and out next week with Grove Atlantic, a young woman named Nga-Yee tries to uncover the motives behind her sister's suicide. In the excerpt…
Translated by Jeremy Tiang
Land of Contradictions: Writing in Macau Today
By Jeremy Tiang
For a small former colony, Macau definitely punches above its weight when it comes to literary production.
A Gambling World
By Koh Choon Eiow & Mok Sio Chong
I tell you, people at these casinos only think of winning.
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
Mrs. Robinson at the Hotel Estoril
By Un Sio San
Soaking in time he sees fallen Estoril
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
From “Opera Costume”
By Yeng Pway Ngon
If this had been Hong Kong, surely he’d have become a movie star!
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
Literary Heroes: Women Writers from Taiwan
By Jeremy Tiang
Taiwanese women have proved adept at carving out spaces for themselves.
From “The March of Time”
By Su Wei-chen
“Whatever kind of person you were, that’s the kind of ghost you’ll be.”
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
From “Qibla”
By Shen Wan-ting
“I’m sorry. I’ll change your pants right away.”
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang