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Hiromi Itō

Portrait of writer Hiromi Itō

Hiromi Itō

Hiromi Itō (1955– ) emerged in the 1980s as the leading voice of Japanese women’s poetry with a series of sensational works that depicted women’s psychology, sexuality, and motherhood in dramatic new ways....

In the 1990s, she relocated to southern California, and since then, she has written a number of important, award-winning books about migrancy, relocation, identity, linguistic alienation, aging, and death. A selection of her early work appears in Killing Kanoko: Selected Poems of Hiromi Itō, translated by Jeffrey Angles (Action Books, 2009). Angles has also translated her wildly imaginative, book-length narrative poem Wild Grass on the Riverbank (Action Books, 2015), a masterpiece of contemporary Asian-American writing.

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Articles by Hiromi Itō

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