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Fernanda Melchor

Portrait of writer Fernanda Melchor

Fernanda Melchor

Fernanda Melchor, born in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1982, is widely recognized as one of the most exciting new voices of Mexican literature. Her novel Hurricane Season (Fitzcarraldo, 2020) has been translated to more that 30 languages and won the Anna Seghers Award and was shortlisted for the International Booker Prize 2020. Her latest works are the novel Paradais and the collection of personal essays This Is Mot Miami.

Articles by Fernanda Melchor

whitewashed exterior of santo crist crhuch in veracruz mexico
© Alejandro Borbolla. Used under Creative Commons license.
Life’s Not Worth a Thing
By Fernanda Melchor
He was as cool as ice, the blue-eyed motherfucker even offered us a drink.
Translated from Spanish by Sophie Hughes