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Dmitry Kuzmin

Portrait of Russian poet Dmitry Kuzmin

Dmitry Kuzmin

Dmitry Kuzmin (b.1968) graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University. In 1989 he founded the Vavilon Union of Young Poets, an organizational hub for Moscow’s experimental poetry scene....

He has been the head of ARGO-RISK Publishers since 1993, editor of the Vavilon Internet project ( since 1996, and editor in chief of the quarterly poetry magazine Vozdukh [Air] since 2006. From 1996 to 2002 he ran Risk, the first Russian magazine for gay writing. He won the 2002 Andrei Bely Prize for Merit in Literature, and his selected poems and translations, Horosho byt’ zhivym (It’s fine to be alive) won the Moskovsky Schet [Moscow Count] award for the best debut poetry collection. His poems have been published in England, France, Poland, China, Italy, Estonia, and Slovenia, and in the United States in A Public Space, St. Petersburg Review, Habitus, Aufgabe, and Fulcrum. His other publications include Russian translation of works by Auden, Cummings, Stevens, and Ashbery, as well as French and Ukrainian poets. He has taught literature and worked as assistant professor of foreign literatures and literary translation, and in 2014, he was as a visiting professor at Princeton University. He lives in Latvia.

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