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Diego Creimer

Portrait of Argentinian writer Diego Creimer

Diego Creimer

Diego Creimer studied cinematography and worked in TV and film production for eight years in his home country, Argentina. Since immigrating to Canada in 1999, he has earned degrees in fine arts, journalism, and public relations in Montreal. He worked in the film industry for six years and as a radio journalist at CBC/Radio-Canada for six years. Since 2012, he’s worked as communications manager and French spokesperson for Greenpeace Canada’s Arctic Campaign. He has published short stories in Spanish and French in Argentina and Canada and, since 2007, has served as the editor of the Latino-Canadian literary magazine The Apostles Review.

Articles by Diego Creimer

The Right Path
By Diego Creimer
They blamed the phenomenon on the machinery of the heavens, and not on the machinations of man.
Translated from French by María José Giménez