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Cristina Rivera Garza

Cristina Rivera Garza
Credit: Juan Rodrigo Llaguno

Cristina Rivera Garza

Cristina Rivera Garza is the M.D. Anderson Distinguished Professor and director of the PhD program in creative writing in Spanish at the University of Houston. She studied urban sociology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and received her PhD in Latin American history from the University of Houston.

Articles by Cristina Rivera Garza

A close-up of red and pink square sequins
Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash
Red ants crawling over gray rocks
Photo by Greg Guadagnoli on Unsplash
A close-up of brown window blinds
Photo by Meg on Unsplash
Estada Feminicida: An image of a poster protesting the murders of women in Mexico.
Juan Carlos Fonseca Mata, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons