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Charles Chahwan

Portrait of writer Charles Chahwan
Image copyright © Tracy Chahwan

Charles Chahwan

Charles Chahwan is a poet, short story writer, and artist born in Beirut, Lebanon. He has published three collections of poetry, One About to Jump (1980), Young Man Bathing Alone (1982), and Evil Driver (2001), and two short story collections, The Jazz of Solitude (1983) and Street Fighting and Other Stories (1992)....

He is from the generation who grew up during Lebanon’s civil war, and his work reflects deeply on death and the ephemeral nature of life. He has also translated multiple books into Arabic, such as Women by Charles Bukowski, Farewell My Lovely by Raymond Chandler, In the Country of Last Things by Paul Auster, Thirty Stories from the Planet (an anthology of modern short stories, cotranslated with Danielle Saleh) and Homo Faber by Max Frisch.

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