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Bahram Beyzaii


Bahram Beyzaii

Bahram Beyzaii was born in Tehran in 1938. He is a director, producer, and screenwriter. In 1968 he was one of the first writers to join the controversial Iranian Writer's Guild (Kanun-e Nevisandegan-e Iran). He started his film career with a successful short, Uncle Mustache (Amoo Sibiloo), in 1970.

Beyzaii's works

Amoo Sibiloo, 1970

Ragbar (Downpour), 1971

Safar (Journey), 1972

Gharibe va Meh (Stranger and the Fog), 1974

Kalaagh (The Crow), 1978

Cherikeye Tara (Ballad of Tara), 1980

Marge Yazdgerd (Death of Yazdgerd), 1981

Khate Ghermez (Red Line), screenplay, 1981

Davandeh (Runner), editor, 1985

Bashu (Bashu, the Little Stranger), 1987

Maybe Some Other Time, 1988

Mosaferan (Travelers), 1992

Rooze Vaghe'e (Day of Incident) - 1995

Borje Minoo (Minoo Tower) Editor - 1996

Fasle Panjom (Fifth Season) Writer - 1996

Goftegoo Ba Baad (Kish Stories) Director - 1999

Sag Koshi (Killing Rabbids) - 2001

Articles by Bahram Beyzaii