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Ayça Türkoğlu

Portrait of translator Ayça Türkoğlu

Ayça Türkoğlu

Ayça Türkoğlu is a freelance writer and literary translator. She is half-Turkish, and the other half of her DNA stems almost exclusively from a small corner of Hampshire, UK. She read German and Turkish at Oxford University before studying translation at the University of East Anglia. She currently lives in London.

Articles by Ayça Türkoğlu

London, Seen through Its Libraries
By Pınar Öğünç
Turkish writer Pınar Öğünç finds a new perspective on London by visiting the city’s libraries.You could walk every inch of a city and never uncover its secrets;…
Translated by Ayça Türkoğlu
On Translating Deniz Tarsus’s “The Canary”
By Ayça Türkoğlu
Ayça Türkoğlu’s translation of Deniz Tarsus’s “The Canary” appears in the October 2017 issue: What Unites Us: Turkish Short Stories​.Taken from Deniz Tarsus’s…
The Canary
By Deniz Tarsus
Every night before they went to sleep, the people of the village imagined their own deaths.
Translated from Turkish by Ayça Türkoğlu
By Karin Karakasli
“Erzurum is a wound I carry inside me.”
Translated from Turkish by Ayça Türkoğlu
The Little Bathroom
By Sine Ergün
Did she or her housemates know about the secret of the bathroom?
Translated from Turkish by Ayça Türkoğlu