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Alison Watts

Portrait of Alison Watts

Alison Watts

Alison Watts is an Australian born freelance literary translator and longtime resident of Japan who has translated novels by Durian Sukegawa, Naoki Matayoshi, Riku Onda and Shusei Hase, as well as a travel memoir TAO: On the Road and On the Run in Outlaw China (Portobello) by Aya Goda. She has also translated Durian Sukegawa’s reporting on Fukushima for Asymptote and was awarded the Kyoko Selden Memorial Prize for Translation in 2021 for an excerpt from Sukegawa’s travel memoir A Dosimeter on The Narrow Road to Oku. Read more about her literary translation activities here and her sashiko-related translation and blog here.

Articles by Alison Watts

Literary Journeys: Living Through Art in the Wake of Disaster
By Alison Watts
Alison Watts reflects on her personal experience with the March 11, 2011 disaster in Japan; the literary journey of Japanese writer Durian Sukegawa, whose work Watts translates, in the wake of the disaster;…
By Jin Keita
It required a certain focus and concentration in order to vaporize.
Translated from Japanese by Alison Watts