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An Interview with Hisham Matar
Concern. I think that was what I craved. A warm and steady and unchangeable concern. In a time of blood and tears, in a Libya full of bruise-checkered and urine-stained men, urgent with want and longing…
An Interview with Zara Houshmand
How did you find the pieces you included in the Iran section of Literature from the “Axis of Evil”? Isn't it next to impossible to find out who the great writers are from the countries…
Translated from Arabic
An Interview with Jacqueline Loss
How did you select the Cuban pieces for the anthology, Literature from the “Axis of Evil”? I combed through Cuban print and Internet literary journals*Š and I spoke with translators……
An Interview with Hayun Jung
How easy was it for you, living in Seoul, to find work for the North Korea section of Literature from the “Axis of Evil” ? Because there are very few North Korean publications available to…
Drama Queen: An Interview with Ellen Stewart
By Liesl Schillinger
Ellen Stewart founded the LaMaMa Experimental Theater Company in 1961, and her groundbreaking vision helped establish the careers of Sam Shepard, Philip Glass, Harvey Fierstein, Robert Wilson, Mabou Mines,…
An Interview with Nuria Amat
Q. Here we are in Sarri , Barcelona, your birthplace and the scenario for your previous two novels. How come you decided to set your most recent novel, Queen Cocaine, in Colombia, between Bogotá…
Translated from Spanish
An Interview with Wladimir Kaminer
By Boris Fishman
Boris Fishman interviewed Wladimir Kaminer September 3, 2003.Boris Fishman: Did you start writing before emigrating to Germany? What did you do in the Soviet Union?Wladimir Kaminer: In the Soviet Union,…
Translated from Russian by Boris Fishman
At Home in Exile: An Interview with Shimon Ballas
This interview appeared in slightly different form in Keys to the Garden: New Israeli Writing, edited and translated by Ammiel Alcalay (San Francisco: City Lights, 1996). Ammiel Alcalay: Starting with…
Translated from Arabic
Freedom Can Be a Nightmare: An Interview with Kader Abdolah
This interview was originally published August 12, 1995, in NRC Handelsblad. A unique phenomenon in Dutch literature: Kader Abdolah, a political refugee from Iran who writes little gems of stories—in…
Translated from Dutch
A Dialogue with MuXin
By Toming Jun Liu
Toming Jun Liu interviewed MuXin in July 1993 in MuXin's home in a suburb of New York. The complete interview was published in Chinese in Lianhe bao (United Times, Taipei, January 23, 1994). Toming…
Translated from Chinese by Toming Jun Liu